Hi, my name is Lynne

I'm a Single Mom of a teenage son who is the Center of my World. I am a Star Diamond Beachbody Coach leading a team of Amazing People that knew they Deserved more out of Life & were ready to Create the Life they have always wanted by using their Passion of Health & Fitness to help others achieve their Goals.

Lynne Gebski Beachbody Coach

My Passion, My Purpose

I believe my Purpose is to help others BELIEVE in themselves, to gain SELF CONFIDENCE, to ENCOURAGE them to DREAM BIG & help them find a way to reach those Dreams. My GOAL is to empower You to be the Very Best You can be ~ on the inside as well as the outside.

I believe we are put on this Earth, to Learn, to Share, to have Significance & to leave a Mark on those that cross our path. My motto is to Believe in Yourself, Live with Passion, Self Confidence & Determination in all you do!!

A little about my story...

First of all, I am not a Personal Trainer or a Nutritionist.
Honestly, I was never into Fitness (well besides Horseback riding)!
I never played any school sports & actually failed gym!

In the early part of 2010, I found that I had hit a wall emotionally. I was not happy ~ with myself, with how I felt on the inside, at times with life in general. From the outside my life appeared to be “picture perfect”, but the reality was, things were not good. I had been trapped in an unfulfilled, emotionally & verbally abusive marriage for many years.

I was always made to feel insignificant, I was criticized, never right & my opinion never mattered.

The result was that I had lost so much self confidence that I felt more like a shell of a person than who I once was. The fire & passion that I once had for things seemed to have disappeared.

Like many of us I found myself watching the P90X infomercial one weekend. I remember seeing the Before & After pictures and thinking to myself that the results were not possible. I decided I was going to give it a try, in all honestly to prove that it didn’t work! ;) Well, I was wrong!!

I had Fantastic results with my first round, loosing 20 pounds & 20 inches over all. My Self Confidence was thru the roof ~ literally and I regained my enthusiasm for life! I felt Amazing about myself, not only because I felt good in my own skin but because I was PROUD that I completed the program. See, when the program arrived I was told by the person who should have been the most supportive person in my life, that I would never be able to do the workouts & I wouldn’t complete the program.

Well ~ GAME ON! That comment LIT a FIRE!!

My results from P90X plus the support I was receiving from my Team & the Beachbody Family was Amazing!! These were people I only knew from Face Book, they believed in me & were by my side every step of the way. I knew that the change I felt about myself was so significant that I had to share my passion & help others achieve their goals! I watched my peers, fellow Beachbody coaches who were earning a six-figure income doing exactly what I was doing ~ helping others. These Leaders where growing in all aspects of their life. I knew it was possible & that I could make the goal of earning a six or seven figure income become a reality.

The journey over the next few years fueled my love for health, fitness & self improvement. As my Team continued to grow & I continued to surround myself with like minded people this Opportunity became the gateway into a New Life. A Life that my Son & I deserved, a Life of Freedom & Happiness. For me, Happiness is not about Enormous Houses, Fancy Cars & the Big EGO that can go along with that lifestyle. Happiness is Freedom, enjoying Life, making Memories, surrounding yourself with those that lift you up rather than bring you down, and most importantly ~ knowing that you are making a Difference.

My Dreams & Goals are becoming a reality.

My Son & I are FREE of the stress & negativity that was consuming us. I create my own schedule while working from home, I am Debt Free, I am in an Amazing Relationship, I am able to travel and I am making a difference in so many lives. My time as a Beachbody Coach is devoted to helping my customers achieve their fitness goals using Beachbody products as well as helping my Coaching Team build and grow their own home-based businesses.

Life is full of so many ...

Each of those are what Shape us into who we are. I feel we are all Destined for Greatness ~ It just takes the Choice to make it happen. ♥ If you would like me to be your Free Beachbody Coach or if becoming a member of my Coaching Team interest you, contact me!
♥ I look forward to hearing from you.♥

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My love for animals...

Could fill an entire book!! Domestic Animals, Farm Animals, Wildlife...

You name it & there is a place in my heart for basically anything with Fur or Feathers! But my biggest love is Horses!!

I have been involved with the Arabian breed on & off for almost 30 years. The obsession started as a little girl, when I would beg to stop as we drove past any pasture with horses! I know my parents had NO IDEA that this obsession would get into my blood & last a lifetime!

Each horse I have owned (a number that seems to be growing) holds a very special place in my heart, they literally become a member of the family.
I showed as a Youth Exhibitor & now I am enjoying showing as an Adult Amateur in the English Division. I have been very fortunate & over recent years traveled across the U.S & to Poland for Many shows & events. I am so grateful for the flexibility in my schedule that has allowed me the opportunity to meet so many amazing people in the Arabian Industry.


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Lynne Gebski - Online Fitness & Nutrition Coach

Lynne is a Single Mom of a teenage Son who is the Center of her World. She is a Star Diamond Beachbody Coach leading a team of Amazing People that knew they Deserved more out of Life and that were ready to Create the Life they have always wanted by using their Passion of Health & Fitness to help others achieve their Goals. More About Lynne...

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