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Horse Show Advantage

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horse show advantaage

Looking for that Secret Weapon??

We are smack dab in the middle of show season & I know for me I want to be as prepared as I can. I think about it in two parts ~ this is TEAMWORK right? We work diligently to make sure our Equine partner is completely ready to enter the gate –  but what about us?? Are you at your top performance? Fueling your body the right way? Or do you put your nutrition, fitness & sometimes overall health on the back burner? I get it… show season is tough – it is hard to prepare & get through the weekend let alone being worried about clean food!!!

WRONG – You can do this & I am here to help you have that HEALTHY Horse Show Advantage!


show prepBelieve me, I know all we do to get our horses ready for the show ring. From extra supplements, chiropractic care, vet work not to mention the best training for your discipline plus Insurance in the event we need it – but are we missing a big piece of the puzzle?

The other half of the TEAM is YOU!  So think about that for a minute. Think of all we do to get out horses healthy & working at top performance. For many of us, there isn’t much of a limit to what we won’t do to make them the very best they can be. All of our feed rooms look the same – Plastic buckets or bins of Vitamins, Smart Paks, Ulcer Guard, Gastro Guard, Electrolytes, etc…  Why, because they are athletes. Most believe it does help and can make a difference to have a customized nutrition plan.


Now let’s be realistic…

I’ve been there & know that Horse Shows are exhausting!!

Shakeology VS 1

  • It’s Hot!
  • Many hours on the road!
  • It’s  late nights & early mornings!
  • We opt for a Starbucks run or head for Fast Food!
  • Horse show food is anything but healthy!!
  • Lack of water as we opt for pop, energy drinks, coffee & beer!!
  • Snacks consist of chips, pretzels, crackers & pizza at 10Pm ~ Total  Carb Overload!!

shakeology VS 2

The result after a show is that BLOATED, YUCKY feeling, leaving you with the dreaded state of BLAH. Believe me – I get it! So what is the plan? I feel there are many ways to improve our overall health & performance in the show ring by starting on the INSIDE. A lot of that is in preparing and developing healthy everyday habits that over time will become second nature ~ a HEALTHIER LIFESTYLE.

Showing is always going to be exhausting but what if we could find a way to rid ourselves of some of the negative side effects?

shakeology-benefitsI want to help you come up with a plan that you can follow as well as everyday tips that will make a difference.  Of coure being physically fit is a portion of this but for most of us, NUTRITION is the easier piece of the puzzle to work on FIRST.  Even when I am coaching someone with their fitness goals,  80% of their results start in the KITCHEN.  I feel the easiest & most fool-proof ways is to fuel your body with DENSE NUTRITION. One meal a day that is your Go-To  clean meal that requires little thought or preparation.

SHAKEOLOGY is perfect for at home, at the office, on the road & especially at horse shows. I have been drinking it daily for over 5 years.. YES, 5 years! And if I skip it or don’t pack it on a trip, I regret it more than you can imagine!  Shakeology is NOT comparable to a protein drink or a typical meal replacement shake.  Shakeology is a complete whole food, health shake packed with pure dense nutrition.

The out come we all want at Horse Shows is to WIN, right?

The bottom line is it come’s down to being the BEST you can be, helping your horse be the BEST they can be,  which results in the perfect TEAM that is 100% in TUNE.  So how do you try out this Amazing Product and get that Horse Show Advantage??

The Horse Show Advantage exclusive offer

My offer to you as a fellow horse owner is to offer you a Sample pack of Shakeology. This is the perfect option to take it for a “test drive”, see what you think & of course decide on a flavor. You will also receive my free Ebook with tips to stay prepared while on the road, food & snack ideas that you can have prepared and of course what to have in that cooler.  As a bonus I am also including a one on one consult with me, to help design a plan that fits your needs.

Variety Pack Options (Includes BONUSES)

Let’s set a goal together ~ a healthier lifestyle by US Nationals! Good Luck in the Show Ring!!


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