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21 Day Fix ~ Complete Guide

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The 21 Day Fix Complete Guide

21 Day Fix

Would you believe me if I said that you can lose up to 15 pounds in just 21 days by working out for just 30 minutes per day?

Hmmm. To good to be true? NOPE! ;)
The 21 Day Fix is different from any program you have tried. The program puts together brand-new dietary rules and simple fitness routines. So the diets you have done in the past that did not give results ~ are HISTORY!! This program WILL teach you what to eat, how much to eat, how you can still have WINE & CHOCOLATE in moderation & give you Amazing RESULTS!

21 Day Fix So, let me ask you… Does any of this FIT you:

*A desire to start eating better but not sure where to start?
*Need to lose the last of my baby weight or those extra holiday pounds?
*Feel in a RUT at the Gym & not seeing changes…
*Looking to Tone, Tighten & Reshape your body before Summer.

“Give me 21 Days & I will give you the Body you have always wanted” – Autumn Calabrese


21 Day Fix Fitness Plan:

The 8 workouts included in the program plus the FREE Bonus workout are 30-minute each for 21 days. The fitness routines are simple and have a modifier to show how to simplify each move. The basic type of exercises you will be doing during the 21 days will include Pilates, Strength Training, Yoga & Cardio. You will have a schedule to follow, no guessing what to do next or getting bored with the same workout each day.
I consider this a low-impact program that can be done with the use of little equipment. You basically need 2 sets of dumbbells & a yoga mat. But the KEY ELEMENT to this program is what comes next…

21 Day Fix Portion Control

21 Day Fix Nutrition Guide:

You’ve heard “Abs are made in the kitchen” right?? Proper portion size is the KEY to success in the 21 Day Fix program. Nutrition is the key ingredient for healthy weight loss and success. The creator Autumn Calabrese introduces a portion-size control technique to support healthy eating and better nourishment for the body.
Most of us tend to just focus on working out and have a hard time managing our diets properly. You can lift all the weights you want until you are blue in the face, but if you are not eating the right food & the correct quantity, you will not see results. The hard reality is we can Over – Eat even on healthy foods. With the help of color-coded, perfectly portioned containers, Autumn gives you a simple diet guide to help you get results fast.
It’s all about portion control – not a fixed diet!
The plan is simple & it can be adopted by. The items are easy to shop for, simple to prep, and eat. Everything you need is included in the program including proper portion sized containers and a Shakeology shaker cup. This takes away the guesswork out of weighing, or counting calories, carbs and points.

21 Day Fix Beachbody Program21 Day Fix Results:

Our test groups have lost an average of 15 lbs during the first 21 day cycle! Many of my clients & coaches have done multiple rounds & continued to have lasting results. As all habits are formed in 21 days the result is a LIFE-STYLE change not feeling like it is a diet.
This is by far my FAVORITE program! Easy to follow, Amazing workouts & FAST RESULTS!!
Get ready to fix your health and fitness habits and gets fast results!


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